One with ASD


I  created “Living with ASD,” to share one person’s experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ASD has always been a big factor in my life, I realize only in retrospect.  Each person’s life experience is unique of course, but the more I learn about ASD and ways that my interfacing with life’s wonder and challenges has been and continues to be different from other people’s, the more I recognize how pervasive is the impact of ASD.

Here, I want to share what I learn day-by-day, uncovering, discovering aspects and attributes of myself that are hidden and revealed, augmented and squelched by this enigmatic “disorder.”

Living with ASD is complicated.  For everybody impacted by it.

If there are topics you would like to see addressed here (by one adult with ASD), please leave a comment. We’ll see what we can do!

Thank you for visiting.

By the way,  I sure appreciate your patience.  I choose to create this website myself, making  it public as I go. I have thought about it, talked about it, studied it and taken notes.

Still a beginner,  I decided just to begin.

pointerNotice: proceeding before all the “tools” are selected and polished to a sheen (vs. immobilization by perfectionism) is significant for me. Ironically, for me to relax the standards a bit represents personal growth and recovery.