Not the red gooey stuff. The sort that happens on NY day, for example. Or, while benched by the latest physical issues. This month’s special is the ITBand Syndrome. It all came about, I surmise, by gleefully riding my bike a bit too fast and a bit too far, without working up to it. I’m no biker. But, I love the wind in my face, and I love to go “Fast.” Meaning, faster than I can walk, I suppose at this time in my life, post-multiple-issues.

Nobody tells you that aging involves modifying your swing.

Or maybe they do, but I wasn’t listening, having subconsciously taken the “exclusion” clause.

Having found my WORDPRESS sign -n credentials, I hope to write more frequently than once every two years. We’ll see. I’m looking forward to exploring the new WP features.

While benched, I’ve created a flames-themed fleece robe for our 9 year old grandson; knit three hats; sewn fleece hats and masks -I cannot tally them! Been watercolor painting, sorting old files (you know you are getting desperate when sorting sets in); and launched this pretty website: “

Cheers, friends!