Calm yourself!

Over time, I have developed some skills and techniques for self-calming:  an ongoing necessity.  [ASD comes with an element of anxiety. ]

For me, ASD also stirs up SPD– Sensory Processing Disorder.

The following table shows some of the things I  include consciously in my “sensory diet” to help my system steady itself.  In the event of a circumstantially-escalating anxiety, I select from this menu of activities (and more) to try to “calm down” the system’s over-reactiveness.

It helps me to understand that “vibrating” is part of my neurological make-up. Applying the interventions below preventatively throughout the day is part of taking care of myself: like brushing my teeth.

Chart © Joan K. O’Connell

Still learning:  here’s the previous chart all shrunken down, but I cannot manage to delete it, stays for now!