Hello.   Thank you for tuning in today!

For today, we will focus on one important thing about living with ASD.  That is safety.


What’s safe for me?   It’s safe only if it feels safe.


Clear guidelines, which are followed by all.

Knowledge- knowing what is going to happen.

 Knowing how things work.


What’s unsafe?  For me, it’s “unsafe,” if it feels unsafe.


Rules, which are not followed by all.

Not knowing what is going to happen.

Not knowing how things work.

So, let’s translate this into everyday events:

Safe over the life span – for me:

In Elementary school:  safe is when the children know how to line up, the teacher is consistent in enforcing line behavior.  Desks, once set, stay the same all year.

Middle school: when the bell schedule does not vary; when there is no substitute teacher

H.S:  When the band director/phys ed teacher follows his/her own classroom rules

Adult: when people stand back a pace when speaking to me; keep their hands to themselves; stop their own agenda long enough to notice and actually listen to me if I am speaking.




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